How John Ross III became Mr. 4.22, the fastest man in NFL draft history

John Ross will hear his name called in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft on Thursday in Philadelphia. The fastest player in NFL Combine history hails from Washington, where he was one of the best receivers in the Pac-12.

Ogunjobi only played three years of organized football before signing on with Charlotte, but his raw talent made him the backbone behind the program’s transition to the FBS. The burly run-stopper lit Conference-USA on fire, recording 29 tackles for loss in two seasons at college football’s top division. The 49ers never had a winning season — or even won a Homecoming game — but the raw Ogunjobi still did enough to cement his place as one of 2017’s top defensive line prospects.

Ogunjobi is a relative football noob whose strength and athleticism helped him overcome a lack of experience. His strength and girth in the middle often means two blockers have to keep him at bay — but despite an abundance of double-teams, he was still a monster against the run. He was a black hole that swallowed up tailbacks in the middle of the field, creating several X-and-long situations for opponents in college.

The North Dakota State product made good on his potential, standing out as a potential franchise quarterback and raising the profile of his prairie-based alma mater. Wentz hit the turf running and opened his NFL career with a bang, but he struggled once opponents got more usable game footage of him. An extra season to correct those mistakes should help him settle into his role as the team’s quarterback of the future.

The Eagles paid a ransom to get Wentz, but like Goff, he’s a better prospect for the coming year than any member of this season’s draft class.
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