can you at least let Lamar Jackson finish his amazing college QB career before you start calling him a WR?

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Lamar Jackson was the 2016 college football season’s most spectacular player. They gave him a trophy for it. Through the first two games of 2017, he’s showed off development as a passer and as a part of an offense that head coach Bobby Petrino would like to adapt toward more dropback passing, though they’re still doing the use-whatever-works Petrino plan.

Anyway, SB Nation has given me a weekly kicker column to discuss any and all things feet. At first I was going to call it Laces Out Marino, then Little Kicky. I also considered Outkick the Coverage. All those sucked, though, so I am going to pay homage to my hero and call this Gramatica Errors.

Did you know that there is a corner of the internet that follows kickers and punters very closely? I call them the Foot Gang, though I haven’t told them about that yet and I’m pretty sure they won’t like it.

Youth Jorge De La Rosa Jersey Chuck Zodda is part of this crew. He writes for the very good website Inside the Pylon, attended the same college I briefly went to, and tweets really interesting kicker stuff that I sort of understand like this:

Fournette notices Clowney out of the play and so, he pulls the linebackers inside then uses his quick feet to bounce the play out. Lee makes a good decision to block the Safety and so the cornerback is the only man to beat. Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson gets run over by Fournette and somehow is able to hold onto his foot to make the tackle. After only the first two plays we can clearly see why he was the nation’s leader in forced missed tackles in NCAA last year.

And here are a couple plays against the Texans showing his ability to keep his feet moving after initial contact.

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