Kareem Hunt has gained respect he didn’t get this time a year ago

It was a disappointing development; she and Jamie had grown closer when she became a freshman at Michigan State during Jamie’s senior year.

Normally big-hearted and loving, Jamie developed a nasty streak.

One problem: Allen has a 52-75-1 record in Washington, a winning percentage of .410. If that’s the way team presidents are judged, how has Allen kept his job so long?

Ultimately, Allen is more responsible for Washington’s record than Cousins is. If team presidents are judged by winning and losing, maybe Cousins isn’t the only one who needed to be replaced.

Lisa had heard of an intensive in-patient treatment center in Palm Beach County, Florida. At age 22, Jamie boarded a plane to South Florida to try to finally get clean.

Palm Beach County is home to hundreds of drug treatment centers. Addicts like Jamie, drawn by the resortlike weather and the promise of recovery, flock to the coastal community. Three-quarters of those in the county’s private treatment facilities come from out of state. It’s rightfully called the recovery capital of America.

“The style should feel similar but there’ll definitely be some wrinkles,” Quinn said, via Will McFadden of the team website. “Style meaning the way we want to run the ball, the way we want to come off the ball. At the end of it, can we execute better? They’ll be some new wrinkles for sure. We’re not doing triple option or anything with Matt Ryan. But there will definitely be some new parts of the offense this year. How do we feature the running backs, how do we feature the guys in different ways?”

The Falcons ranked second in total offense (415.8) and first in scoring (33.8) in 2016 when Ryan won NFL MVP. In 2017, they fell to eighth in total offense (364.8) and 15th in scoring (22.1) in first season under offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

“I guess there’s shock, which seems like a half an hour and it’s probably just seconds,” he explained. “And then he came in the house and he hugged me and he’s got that police vest on him, so you never forget that feeling. And then all I could think of was: ‘How am I going to tell his sister? And how am I going to tell his mother?'”flames_001

Most football fans don’t know what a catch is. But we know what we like.

We like touchdowns. Big plays. Long bombs. Fades in the corner of the end zone. We like breathtaking deep passes when they are caught, when they are intercepted, even when they are batted away by an alert cornerback at the last second. We liked the Super Bowl (not everything is about you, Patriots fans) because it was full of highlight-reel plays, and those plays were not voided by forensic-video technicalities.

The Giants get out of the JPP contract after one year and $22.5 million, with $15 million in dead money hitting their cap in 2018. One of the arguments for the Giants making this move has been schematic. After firing everyone who had an office or a polo shirt in their facility this offseason, they revamped the coaching staff and brought in well-respected Cardinals defensive coordinator James Bettcher, who plans to install a 3-4 front as the Giants’ base defense. It fits the talents of star nose tackle Damon Harrison, but appears to have created concerns about the fit of Pierre-Paul.

I’m not sure I buy those concerns. For one, hiring a defensive coordinator to install a 3-4 when you have $30 million per year invested in defensive ends (Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon) seems almost profoundly stupid. If the Giants thought either of their ends couldn’t play in a 3-4, they should have hired a different coordinator. Plenty of other 4-3 ends have made hay in a 3-4 too, including Chandler Jones after his move to Arizona.

It’s his decision, and he knows it. It wouldn’t be fair any other way. Brady has said previously that his wife would have me retire today if it were up to her. I would never in my life ever (attempt to convince him to retire), Bundchen said. I want him to be happy. Believe me, I’ve been with him when he’s losing. Try to be with him after you have lost (Super Bowls). I mean, I had my fair share, OK As long as he’s happy, he’s going to be a better father, he’s going to be a better husband, and I just want him to be happy. I do have my concerns, like anyone would. Brady will enter the 2018 season as the defending league MVP with revenge on his mind after losing the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles.

What might make more sense, though, would be to work a deal with the Broncos, who would presumably still be in the quarterback market even after signing Case Keenum. If Denver sent the fifth overall pick and a 2019 first-rounder and we valued that pick as the 16th selection, the Broncos would be sending 2,700 points of value on the Johnson chart for the second pick, again worth 2,600 points.

Chiefs G.M. expects Dee Ford to remain with team this season

Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach said he expects outside linebacker Dee Ford back with the team this season, via multiple tweets.

Ford underwent surgery on his back three months ago with an expected six-month rehab. It’s “highly unlikely” Ford would pass a physical, Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports, but Veach indicated Ford’s rehab is ahead of schedule.

“I never got a reason,” Butler said. “I feel like this was the reason: I got kind of sick. I went to the hospital. They probably thought I was kind of late on the game plan; I wasn’t as locked in as I should be and could have been a matchup deal. It could have been anything. But Bill Belichick has been doing this for a very long time. He took a veteran out of Super Bowl XLIX [against the Seahawks] and put in a first-year rookie, and that turned out right, so you could never question his decision. It didn’t work out right. It didn’t work out the best for me or him or the New England Patriots. But I can say he won more than he lost, so it is what it is. I always have love for New England, Bill Belichick, Mr. Kraft, all those guys. Life just goes on.”

Butler’s five-year, $61 million contract with the Titans shows that life’s moving on pretty well after a rough night in February.

Creating separation I think it goes back to preparation throughout the entire week.And turn their attention, it appears they have.Before that, he was head strength and conditioning coach 2007 at HS2 Athletic Performance Mandeville, La., and at the University of New Orleans 2006.

The 39 year old has pitched for nine different MLB teams throughout his career, and has been a successful late-inning arm, having amassed 78 career saves and a 4 ERA since first appearing 2000.No one needs me to tell them it looks bad out there.You can subscribe to the Our Town podcast on, Google Play, or if you complete the subscription form the sidebar to the right you be notified by email when the next episode appears here on the website.Oh, and wife competed on Yet even after getting MBA 2009, I still wasn’t fulfilled or content with just success business.To the other targets ,, Martellus, Develin and Amendola he was 5-for-20 for 36 yards with a touchdown and a pick.

“I think he’ll be 100 percent by April 1,” Veach said, via Cody Tapp of Kansas City’s SportsRadio 810. Veach added he expects a “great year” from Ford.

Ford enters the final year of his contract with an $8.7 million base salary, which is guaranteed for injury. He ed only six games with two sacks last season.

For his four-year career, Ford has 17.5 sacks.Report: Joe Thomas auditioned for FOX job two weeks ago49ers_001

Barbashev leads Blues to 4-2 win over Ducks

The St. Louis Blues are less interested in identifying why they’ve suddenly turned things around than they are in simply extending their improved play.

After losing nine of 10 and fading in the playoff race, the Blues won their second consecutive game against a team they’re pursuing in the Western Conference, beating the Anaheim Ducks 4-2 on Monday night.

I have Ovechkin’s goal erosion beginning two years from now, during his 34-year-old season. I am curious if, at any point in the coming years, Ovechkin will try to play 15 pounds lighter to counter losing speed in a league going almost exclusively with players who can wheel. If Ovechkin is going to break Gretzky’s record, he needs to keep that childlike enthusiasm he has brought to the game since he first arrived.

Kirk Cousins is definitely not the starting quarterback in Washington any longer. His future was the biggest storyline of the 2018 offseason. Now it’s been decided. The Vikings have already come to an agreement with Cousins on a fully guaranteed three-year deal worth about $86 million.

It was settled the moment the team worked out a trade with the Chiefs to bring in Alex Smith. Washington had two choices. It could have let Cousins hit free agency, or it could have used the franchise tag for a third consecutive season to try to get something for him via trade.

Washington made the smart decision and declined to tag him a third time. Cousins will officially hit free agency, which begins on March 14. He’s expected to make the deal with the Vikings official at that point.

Brees’ deal looks like a lot on paper. But it’s team-friendly, with just $27 million guaranteed. That gives New Orleans an out after Year 1 if this turns out to be the season that Brees finally plays like he’s 39 years old.

Quarterbacks were the big story of this free agency period, but there were a couple of huge wide receiver moves, too. Once Jarvis Landry was tagged by the Dolphins and then traded to the Browns, Robinson became the hottest commodity on the receivers market. The Bears snatched him up with a three-year deal that could pay out as much as $42 million.

Targeting is limited to cases of illegal contact to an opponent’s head or neck area.

Unlike college football, the NFL doesn’t have a “targeting” rule — for now, at least — but the unnecessary roughness rules provide offensive players with essentially the same exact protections.

The biggest difference is that targeting in college football results in an automatic ejection and 15-yard penalty, while unnecessary roughness is just a 15-yard penalty in the NFL.

“The media made it a situation to where they thought I was grandstanding, “ Owens said. “But like I told a lot of people. If [that was] Brett Favre, they would have called him a warrior. For me, they said I was selfish. If I’m selfish, I’m selfish because I want to help my team win.”

No matter what anyone believed in, Owens proved himself to be a great teammate. It was also a testament to how passionate he was about the game, to be willing to risk his career for a championship.

Though the Eagles lost, it’s an all-time performance by Owens.
There are not many games in any sport where a performance in a losing effort is remembered so fondly. Owens’ game on a broken leg is arguably the most memorable.

Owens didn’t get into the Hall of Fame in 2017, with some voters citing his antics and attitude. He’s a finalist again in 2018 and knows he belongs. On Good Morning NFL Owens said, “As far as my body of work, I constantly say it, it speaks for itself.”

Though Kane has produced on the ice when healthy and been active in working with Buffalo-area charitable groups, he has been questioned for his immaturity off the ice.

Kane has had two legal run-ins, including being arrested for grabbing three women by the hair and neck during an altercation at a Buffalo bar in June 2016. The charges were eventually dismissed on condition Kane stayed out of trouble as part of a plea agreement in which a prosecutor described the player’s behavior as arrogant, boorish and surly, but not criminal.

We saw him in Boston, we came and saw him, and the year before that we watched him, and then they made it this year, Alex says. It didn’t work out last year to go to the Super Bowl, but we kept in touch with him.

Both are predicting Patriots victories, not surprisingly. Alex says 27-24, Sydney says 37-33. Whatever happens, they’ll be partying with Waddle afterwards. They’re having a blast.

Titans retaining Mike Sullivan as assistant OL coach

The Tennessee Titans are keeping their assistant offensive line coach in the fold.

A source told Sporting News that Mike Sullivan will be returning to the team and working under new offensive line coach Keith Carter.

As the hot assistant of the moment, Belichick then earned his first head coaching job with the Browns from 1991 to ’95. But he flopped. And once Belichick leaves his Browns disappointment behind, the documentary enters familiar soap opera territory. Retreating to the safety of Camp Parcells, Belichick again becomes the head coach-in-waiting with the Patriots and Jets. But when he finally gets the latter job, he has an epiphany.

Bart Starr began marching his Packers from their 35 with 1:05 left, all the way to the Eagles 22, where he threw a swing pass on the final play to Jim Taylor. Middle linebacker Chuck Bednarik, who was also the center, stopped Taylor at the 10. And sat on him until the horn blew.

“It was sort of like a wake-up call for the citizens of Philadelphia,” Retzlaff said. “The 1960 championship had a lot to do with that movement. You didn’t have the people cheering the Philadelphia Eagles on like they did during that season and from then on. I think it was a turning point for the fans of Philadelphia to get involved in pro football.”

Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White and Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt also had excellent rookie seasons. White had 69 tackles with four interceptions and a forced fumble and tied Lattimore with 18 pass breakups.

Watt followed in the footsteps of his older brother, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, by recording seven sacks, including a forced fumble, and an interception. Like his brother, Watt also demonstrated a proclivity for batting passes at the line with seven pass breakups.

And don’t forget about prop bets around the Super Bowl halftime show and national anthem performance. There will be plenty on which to place bets.

Timberlake has won ten Grammys and numerous other awards. He’s been recognized for a range of performances, including Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Dance Recording and Best Music Video. Timberlake was most recently nominated for an Academy Award for the song “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” from the film “Trolls,” for which he won his 10th Grammy.nike-youth-cardinals-003

No surprise the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are at the top of the list.

They lost wideout Julian Edelman, who suffered a noncontact leg injury in the first quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions, but the Patriots have more than enough talent to catch passes with tight end Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan and recently acquired Brandin Cooks.

Working the waiver wire is key to fleshing out a winning roster. Here are all of the top free agents you should consider picking up for the week ahead.

Jordan’s return would clearly eat into Harrell’s production, and whenever Danilo Gallinari (glute) returns, it would hurt Johnson’s production, but at the very least, they’re worth short-term interest and perhaps long-term, if Jordan is in fact moved and Gallinari is unable to remain healthy … again. And if Gallinari (available in 78.6 percent of leagues) does stay healthy this time, he’s the one who suddenly becomes interesting in fantasy.

The Clippers seem to have found their new base of success built around Williams and Griffin, and they’re providing a very fantasy-friendly environment for themselves and their teammates.

This is about maximizing the value of picks based on the current perceived value of the players involved. The Saints did very well in that regard. That was as much about good fortune as anything else. But that’s okay. Lattimore, the draft’s top cornerback, unexpectedly dropped out of the top 10 and the Saints were smart enough to take him at No. 11. They didn’t sign the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler to an offer sheet in restricted free agency or trade for him. Now they have their cornerback. It was a terrible first round for offensive linemen. But the Saints, again, benefited as Ramczyk fell to them for the final pick of the night.

The Packers couldn’t overcome the injury to Rodgers in their 23-10 loss to the Vikings. They weren’t the only NFC contender to stumble, as the Falcons suffered a surprising home loss to the Dolphins, 20-17. The wasn’t the only unexpected result of the day, as the Bears outlasted the Ravens in overtime for a 27-24 win, and the Saints beat the Lions 52-38 in a wild game. The 49ers nearly pulled off a road upset against the Redskins, but their bid to win their first game of the season came up just short in a 26-24 loss.chargers_001

2018 NFL Draft: Is QB Josh Allen turning into a consensus No. 1 overall pick?

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. caught people off guard Thursday morning when he predicted the Browns will draft Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen No. 1 overall in his most recent mock draft, but what might surprise fans even more is an NFL executive is backing him up.

However, he played against a lower level of competition in Wyoming, had some problems staying healthy this past season. Allen recorded some glaring stats teams will have to come to peace with, most notably his 56 percent completion percentage.

Kiper completely dismissed the completion percentage on SportsCenter Thursday saying Allen had little talent around him and played in tough conditions as well. Kiper had plenty more to say about those calling the completion percentage into question.

You’ve got to look beyond the stats. Stats are for losers, in my opinion, Kiper said. You have to watch the tape, look at every throw. They’ll find that completion percentage was a little misleading.

Steratore, a 15-year officiating veteran who has worked 11 NFL playoff games, will be working his first Super Bowl, as will down judge Jerry Bergman, a veteran of 16 seasons.

Roy Ellison, a 15-season veteran, will be the umpire, while Byron Boston (23 seasons) is the line judge and Tom Hill (19 seasons) is the field judge. Side judge Scott Edwards has 19 years experience, and back judge Perry Paganelli is a veteran of 20 seasons.

As soon as we learned of the reports, we formally requested that the NFL thoroughly investigate the matter to conclusively determine whether the Rooney Rule was violated — and if it was violated, to impose an appropriate punishment, Fritz Pollard Alliance counsel Cyrus Mehri and N. Jeremi Duru said in a statement obtained by Wyche.patriots_113_f059ffba91275395-180x180

The Eagles decided not to catch a punt, and it cost them the lead against the Falcons

red_wings_001After a poor offensive possession by the Falcons following the Eagles’ first touchdown of the game, Atlanta caught a break thanks to the Philadelphia special teams.

Matt Bosher’s punt soared through the air and was touched by the Eagles’ Bryan Braman. That allowed the Falcons to swarm to the football and recover it at the Eagles 18-yard line:

Whether it’s fans looking for reasons to fret or talk show hosts looking for a subject to stir conversation, the Steelers’ decision to rest Roethlisberger, Bell, offensive linemen Maurkice Pouncey and David DeCastro and defensive end Cam Heyward was widely debated in advance of the game and after the Steelers won 28-24 without them.

Our mantra all season has been to take things week by week and not get ahead of ourselves and it obviously has served us well. I regret that outside rumors gained a life of their own, Adams Strunk said last Sunday. No one has been a bigger supporter of Mike Mularkey than I have over the last two-plus seasons.

There were rumors Mularkey could be fired if the Titans had lost their wild-card game to the Chiefs. The Titans (10-8) rallied from a 21-3 deficit for a 22-21 victory, but saw their season come to an end on Saturday with a 35-14 loss to the Patriots.

Now the Bills have a tough road contest against a fierce Jaguars defense. They face further trouble if LeSean McCoy can’t play — McCoy suffered a sprained ankle in the regular season finale and is questionable for this game. The entire offense revolves around McCoy, so if he’s inactive, Tyrod Taylor will have even more on his shoulders when he makes his first playoff start.

The Jaguars didn’t need as much drama to reach their first playoff game since 2007. They clinched the division title early, though the team has struggled in recent weeks and heads into the postseason with two straight losses. The defense remains one of the best in football, with Calais Campbell, Yannick Ngakoue, Jalen Ramsey, and A.J. Bouye leading an outstanding unit.

Patriots reportedly ban Tom Brady’s trainer from sideline, team plane

The Patriots have revoked sideline privileges of Tom Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero, adding to the speculated rift between the trainer and coach Bill Belichick, according to a report from the Boston Globe.

The team also banned Guerrero from using the team’s jet, and he is no longer allowed to treat players other than Brady in his office at Gillette Stadium.

Several Patriots players, including Brady, have worked with Guerrero since 2013, and as a result of the new restrictions, they will continue to receive treatment from him at the TB12 Center located a few minutes away from the stadium.

He’s always honest and accountable and accessible.Wide receiver — They cut to gain some cap relief, but also because they need a more dynamic second receiver who might ultimately have a to replace .At a young age, he has already accomplished a tremendous amount the league, causing the value of signed Kane memorabilia to skyrocket.For the most part the stuff dealing with what Agee has been doing since the release of that classic 1994 film is interesting.Nonetheless, the gap between the two players is closer than people probably think.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi didn’t participate Wednesday’s practice during the portion the media is allowed to watch.‘Cause I ‘t want to make it if it doesn’t empower people.There’s a mixed history of pitchers who had the surgery, and remember that have believed ‘ delivery is high risk separate from this surgery.NE is not just set but deep at linebacker.

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Q: On the Kelvin Benjamin overturned touchdown, what was the conclusive evidence to overturn the call?

CW: When the receiver got confirmed control of the football, he was not able to get both feet down in bounds. So, his back foot was already off the ground and it stepped out of bounds. His firm control did not occur until after he had one foot off the ground.

Q: On replay, did you feel that was clear and obvious?

CW: It was clear and obvious that he did not have control of the ball until he brought it all the way down into his chest.

Q: Field Judge Steve Zimmer pointed towards Benjamin’s feet after the play and he was the closest official. Was he consulted during that replay process to share what he saw?

CW: Well, he might share it with me before I go into the booth, but during the replay process, Steve is not consulted at that time.

Q: Is there one decisive angle that clinched for you when you’re reviewing it?packers_123_d567c3d63b08a125-180x180