Jason Pierre-Paul gets franchise tag from Giants again 2 years after fireworks accident

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Premium players at the defensive end position rarely hit the free agent market, and things won¡¯t be different with New York Giants end Jason Pierre-Paul. Two years after being franchised by the Giants, the 28-year-old was tagged again, the team announced on Tuesday. He will make around $17 million if he plays under the tag in 2017.

Adam Schefter adds that the two sides will still try to reach a long-term deal before Wednesday:

Game Mike Ribeiro Jersey Giants expected to use franchise tag on Jason Pierre-Paul by Wednesday if two sides cannot reach long-term deal by then, per league sources.

With 50 career sacks in seven seasons, Pierre-Paul has become the face of New York¡¯s defense, even with superstars Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison and Janoris Jenkins entering the mix last season. After locking up those three guys to big deals last season, the Giants¡¯ efforts to get JPP re-signed prove how important a player he is to the team¡¯s defense.

It¡¯s worth noting Cousins is a Mardi Gras truther ¡ª meaning he believes New Orleans isn¡¯t where the holiday originated. Rather, it was his hometown that was robbed of the annual tradition.

“I’m actually from where Mardi Gras originated, which is Mobile, Alabama,” Cousins said, according to NOLA.com. “So, let’s get that correct. You guys stole our tradition. Let’s put that out there.

“My last Mardi Gras was my senior year in high school. I don’t have a reason to come (to New Orleans). I celebrate the real Mardi Gras.”

Now that that¡¯s been settled, let¡¯s get back to basketball.

He was also responsible for the game-winning score with a rare pick-two. It was a special day for Berry, who grew up in Atlanta and underwent cancer treatment there as well.

Since Kansas City drafted Berry in 2010, he has been a model of consistency in the defensive backfield. Berry has put up 430 tackles and 14 intersections in seven years with the Chiefs. A long-term deal wasn¡¯t reached last offseason, but he finally got it this season.

Why Garoppolo Should Go to Cleveland

Elite Youth Marquess Wilson Jersey The date was February 21, 2017, a Tuesday, and The MMQB¡¯s editorial team was having its weekly editorial meeting when Mark Mravic, executive editor, presented an idea: Bring back an old favorite, the ¡°10 Things I Think I Think¡± column, for the offseason, as a way to round up the news.

There was a lot happening in the league, despite it being the middle of February. Darrelle Revis was getting arrested, Jimmy Garoppolo was apparently on the trade block, the combine was a week away. Everyone agreed it was a good idea, or at least tacitly agreed by not responding.

That was my take. I attended the meeting because I live in New York, where The MMQB is headquartered, and because I wanted to discuss my upcoming assignments. I also happened to be the only reporter not named Peter King in the room. Matt Gagne, another MMQB editor, the keeper of the schedule, noticed.

¡°Great, Tim will do the first one. You know why? Because you¡¯re the only reporter here.¡±

That¡¯s how I came to be writing this column today, so let¡¯s get to the news¡­

At the end of the season, Mangold indicated he had no desire to retire.
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Wesley Johnson is the favorite to replace Mangold, although it’s possible the Jets could seek an upgrade in free agency or the draft. Johnson has only nine career starts; eight of them came last season.

Since 1998, the Jets have had only two full-time centers — Hall of Fame finalist Kevin Mawae (through 2005) and Mangold. It has been one of the most stable positions in team history.

Kap showcased his ability to throw an absolute dime down the sideline to Anquan Boldin on a big third-down play, but then frustrated coaches with a delay of game penalty and a poor decision to take a timeout later. He missed Michael Crabtree on a wide-open slant for what would have been a touchdown, drawing the ire of analysts on Twitter, then on the next play, escaped pressure, ran left, threw across his body and put a bullet right where only Stevie Johnson could get it for a touchdown.

He has also topped the 4,000-yard mark in each of the past two seasons for Clemson

Maybe they will finally luck into something in the 2017 NFL Draft. All the rumors seem to be centered around the Cleveland Browns going with defensive end Myles Garrett first overall. Theres also talk San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan may not want the team to go quarterback with their second overall pick. Should those two stick with these philosophies, the Jets may very well see Clemson signal caller Deshaun Watson on the board when it’s their turn to pick.

No hesitation is needed. If this scenario falls New York would be wise to finally grab a guy the fans could get behind. Watson is coming off a National Championship and a 41 touchdown passing season. He has also topped the 4,000-yard mark in each of the past two seasons for Clemson. There may be some question about if he isn’t worthy of a first-round pick, but there’s really no question he is a starter in the NFL〞which is more than what can be said about the current group the Jets have.

It has become painfully obvious that the Jets have no plan at quarterback. Geno Smith was a second-round pick in 2013, and he’s been bad. He was replaced by veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick who was good for one year and awful the next. There’s also Bryce Petty, who was a fourth-round selection in 2015 and has had limited experience. The little he has played though has been very discouraging. More discouraging is the fact that the team wouldn’t even try 2016 second round pick Christian Hackenberg last season even as everyone else struggled.

That appeared to be a run-pass option, with Kelly having to make the call whether to take the inside handoff or fire a quick toss Engram’s way. Engram helped make the decision by firing off the line, sitting down in an open area and getting turned back toward the QB. Kelly had the ball in his hands for fewer than two seconds, so there could be no wasted motion on Engram’s end.

Better yet, Engram spun upfield after the catch and left the Memphis safety flailing en route to a TD.

Tom Brady¡¯s missing jersey valued at $500,000 in Houston police report

More than two weeks after Super Bowl LI, nobody has seen Tom Brady¡¯s jersey and the search is still on. The hunt for the presumably stolen jersey is pretty serious too, with the Houston Police Department valuing the piece of memorabilia at $500,000 in a police report obtained by TMZ.

While Brady has been to six other Super Bowls and the win over the Atlanta Falcons earned him a fifth championship ring, the missing jersey hasn¡¯t been treated as just another piece of memorabilia for the quarterback. Patriots owner Robert Kraft compared the heist to ¡°taking a great Chagall or Picasso.¡±
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¡°My love for this city will never change. Even though I¡¯m gone it¡¯ll still be the same. I¡¯m still looking out for these kids. Every family in this city matters to me, every soul in this city matters to me. Everything¡¯s the same, I¡¯m just not in a Kings uniform anymore, which is OK because the love¡¯s still here.
The Cousins trade is one that will go down in NBA history for its sheer awfulness.

After news of the trade came out, the Kings released a statement that seemed to criticize Cousins¡¯ character, making a point to say, ¡°Winning begins with culture and character matters.¡±

Pittsburgh Steelers Authentic Jersey No matter what the front office may say, Cousins sure showed a lot of character in this press conference. Steph Curry thought so, too.

Injuries elsewhere could cause problems, though. Clifton Duck was one of the best freshman corners in the country last year, but his dance partner, Mondo Williams, is gone, and only Tae Hayes and Brandon Pinckney bring experience to the table. At inside linebacker, two of the top three are gone, leaving Eric Boggs and less proven pieces.

Most worrisome, perhaps: Two of last year’s top three tackles are gone. Junior Myquon Stout lives up to his name, but behind him will be either freshmen or converted ends.

The NBA’s second-leading scorer took a surprising backseat in the All-Star Game

Often part of three-point-guard lineups with Thomas and Lowry, Walker served as the distributor of the group, handing out six assists while attempting just six shots. Most memorably, Walker made a pull-up 3 in the fourth quarter.

An All-Star starter for the first time, Butler had a quiet evening, putting up six points, three rebounds and two assists in 19 minutes. He scored a pull-up over Jordan and set up Antetokounmpo with an alley-oop.

Game Youth Taylor Lewan Jersey The NBA’s second-leading scorer took a surprising backseat in the All-Star Game, handing out as many assists (12, a team high) as he scored points. All nine of Harden’s shot attempts came from beyond the arc, of which he made four. Yet Harden’s attempts to make the spectacular play also resulted in 10 turnovers, more than all his West teammates combined (seven). And one of his 3s was actually an errant alley-oop pass.

With trade rumors swirling before he was traded to New Orleans, Cousins got the Jahlil Okafor treatment on the All-Star stage, playing just two minutes early in the game. He made a fairly deep 3 but missed his two other attempts from beyond the arc.

“I could speak all night about Russell,” Durant said. “An emotional guy that would run through the wall for me. I don’t take it for granted. … I love you, man. I love you.”

Jean Segura Game Jersey Their relationship has always been about ups and downs. The lob brought them back together, if only for a brief moment, and while the players on the bench celebrated, Durant and Westbrook stood on opposite sides of the huddle. They didn’t interact outside of a couple low-fives when one would sub out. During timeouts Durant would stand on one side with Green, Westbrook on the other side with Harden.

Arsenal will be eliminated in the Champions League round of 16, because that¡¯s what always happens

Arsenal has drawn Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of this year¡¯s Champions League. Wonderful. Just wonderful. No one expected this, at all. The next surprise is sure to be Arsenal losing the tie. Very original. Ars¨¨ne Wenger¡¯s team hasn¡¯t advanced past the round of 16 since the 2010-2011 season. In that time, they¡¯ve faced and lost to Barcelona, Monaco, Bayern, Bayern, AC Milan, and Barcelona again.

This year there¡¯s hope! Arsenal is on a spectacular run of form with its stars at their best. Alexis S¨¢nchez is scoring for fun; Mesut ?zil is being angelic as always; Theo Walcott has accepted and grown formidable in his role on the right. The midfield is mostly fit. The defense now actually has players who can tackle and, well, defend, rather than being a collection of misfit toys. Petr Cech can catch the ball and stop shots unlike Manuel Almunia and ?ukasz Fabia¨½ski, and he hasn¡¯t shown any indication that he smokes cigarettes in the showers like Wojciech Szcz?sny.
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Authentic Youth Scott Hartnell Jersey It’s also worth noting that the Mets aren’t necessarily force-feeding the Kool-Aid. In fact, depending on who you listen to and which sound bite you choose to focus on, it appears they might even have a grasp on the reality of their situation. “Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball,” said Harvey, hedging ever so slightly when asked if he expects to return to form next season. Said Alderson: “Am I confident they’re all going to be 100 percent? Well that would probably be unrealistic to believe.”

If they are all 100 percent, and they all manage to stay 100 percent throughout the majority of the season, well then — and only then — does Syndergaard’s tweet hold water. Then and only then does New York belong in the best rotation conversation along with the Cubs and Red Sox . Then and only then are the Mets a safe bet to play deep into October and turn MiPS into the new, tried-and-true face of baseball analytics.

In the meantime, with all due respect to Thor, I’m going to have to agree to disagree.

Will Tiger Woods retire or just limp away?

Tiger Woods will not receive a golf watch for his 20-plus years on the job.

He won’t be making a David Ortiz-like farewell tour of Torrey Pines, Bay Hill, or Augusta, when it’s his time to walk away from the game.

On the wings SMU has senior Sterling Brown and sophomore Jarrey Foster. Both players are big wings (6’6 and about 225 pounds) who set the tone defensively and can shoot from distance. Tying the lineup together is Ben Moore, a 6’8 senior who looks nothing like a center but does a little bit of everything in the middle to maximize SMU’s versatility. He’s the only non-shooter on the floor but he’s an active rebounder, a good passer, and excels as a cutter.

With so many players capable of playing interchanging roles, SMU has a decidedly modern look. It also has balance as the No. 23 offense and No. 14 defense in KenPom’s efficiency rankings. Even without Brown on the sidelines or Moore running the show, there’s a case to be made this is the best team SMU has had in recent years.

For the program, this season should be worth the wait. The fanbase seems recharged, the atmosphere at games has been great, and Tony Romo and George W. Bush are even making appearances in the crowd.

After everything that’s happened to SMU, it’s easy to forget that the last time this team was in the NCAA Tournament, it lost at the buzzer on a goaltending call on Bryce Alford’s air ball. That would be a controversy that hangs over some programs for years. For SMU, it was just another bump in the road on the way to this season.

It was a nightmare to get here, but SMU came out of it all as energized as ever. Now it’s time to find out how good this team really is.

How does getting a hot dog stand in Staples Center rank among your accomplishments?

Youth Colin Kaepernick Jersey I was really stoked when it happened. I’ve been going to Lakers games since I was a youngster. It’s fun to be able to feed lots of people instead of 80 people a night. I think it’s a great product for 1,000 people.
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You blend in Stouffer’s to your mac and cheese mix. Why Stouffer’s?

It’s kind of shocking, right? It’s just one of those things you grew up with. It gives me that balance where I can keep it consistently very strong [at three different stands]. I don’t want to overcomplicate the recipe. I want it to be really good.

It’s been just over a week since the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history (maybe the greatest comeback in all of football … ever). By all accounts, even if you factor in the choke job from the Falcons coaching staff, it was a major accomplishment by every player and coach wearing New England’s uniform. But Tom Brady wants to make it clear that your standards, your average Joe Easy Chair who merely enjoys watching the game, are not good enough for him. He wants to make it clear that it was “not one of his best games ever.”

“No one wants to see anything like that,” Sprewell said. “Not just for New York, but for the NBA family. Hopefully it will be something that everybody can just somehow iron out and get past.”

Sprewell was one of many former Knicks players to be honored on Sunday, including Bernard King, Bill Bradley, Herb Williams, Larry Johnson, Vin Baker, John Wallace, and Kenny Walker. Dolan sat in his courtside seats next to Sprewell and King.

New York’s homage to its former greats comes just days after Dolan banned ex-Knicks All-Star Charles Oakley from entering Madison Square Garden. The ban came as a result of Oakley’s arrest during the first quarter of New York’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Manuel showed the ability to get the best out of Robert Alford and second-year cornerback Jalen Collins

Mike Adamle, a former NFL running back who went on to a long career as a Chicago and national sportscaster, said he has dementia.

Adamle, 67, acknowledged memory lapses and mood swings in an interview with Chicago’s WMAQ-Channel 5 that aired Tuesday. He also said tests in January showed he likely has chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease associated with repeated blows to the head. CTE cannot be confirmed until after death.

Adamle went on leave from his job as a sports anchor for WMAQ nearly a year ago, and he can no longer work or drive.

He starred at Northwestern and played for the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Chicago Bears. He held local and national broadcasting jobs with NBC and ABC and co-hosted the syndicated “American Gladiators” television show.

It seems the changes are not just related to the Super Bowl loss but more about issues throughout the season, at least in Smith’s case, as the Falcons allowed 25.4 points per game, which ranked 27th in the NFL.
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Manuel showed the ability to get the best out of Robert Alford and second-year cornerback Jalen Collins, who replaced Desmond Trufant after the Pro Bowl cornerback underwent season-ending pectoral surgery.

Joe Thornton Authentic Jersey Although Manuel appears to be the strongest internal candidate, he’s not the only one. Defensive pass game coordinator Jerome Henderson, linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich and receivers coach Raheem Morris all could get looks.

Henderson is a candidate to possibly join former Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan with the 49ers.

The Atlanta Falcons are strongly considering secondary coach Marquand Manuel to become their next defensive coordinator, sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

he did not look like the dominant force Houston had come to know in the previous five seasons

¡°Jules has been incredible since he¡¯s really assumed that main spot on our team,¡± Brady said of the receiver’s performance in 2013. ¡°I¡¯ve always wanted him to succeed so badly, and he¡¯s put so much into it. He¡¯s come a long way. He¡¯s fought his way up.¡±

While injuries stunted some of Edelman’s early-career growth, that wasn¡¯t the only reason he was more of a role player, with his primary contributions coming on special teams.
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Jonathan Lucroy Limited Jersey ¡°We had a lot of good football players come here, and you¡¯re not just given something here overnight. You have to go out and earn it and put in your time,¡± he said. ¡°The team needed me at different positions, doing different things at the time, because we had the receiver position covered at the time. That¡¯s football. You have to put in your time and earn your stripes and be prepared for an opportunity when you get it.¡±

Edelman obviously was ready. The slow start to his career highlights how remarkable it is that he could potentially move up to No. 2 on a list of some very impressive receivers by Sunday night.

¡°Just to know that there¡¯s new levels to reach that I haven¡¯t even reached yet is exciting,¡± Watt said. ¡°It¡¯s not like I¡¯m just out here trying to come back and be a football player again. I¡¯m still trying to continue to capitalize on what I was before and be even better than I was before. So, it¡¯s always about being the best version of you that you can be and if I¡¯m not trying to be the best player ever then I¡¯m doing everyone a disservice. If I¡¯m not going out here and I¡¯m trying to be the best football player ever then it¡¯s a disservice to myself, my fans, my teammates.”

Though Watt played in the first three games of the season, he did not look like the dominant force Houston had come to know in the previous five seasons. And though Watt said he’s glad for the extended period of time to recover from his back injury, he is ready to be back on the field.