They would surely like to get more out of him.

Womens Logan Paulsen Jersey The salary cap for next season is expected to come in at $101 million, with a luxury tax threshold of $121 million. About 70 percent of their cap, then, will be spent on their first three players. They’re committed to $37 million for Markieff Morris, Ian Mahinmi and Marcin Gortat (possible trade bait), which means six players will put them over the cap and within striking range of the luxury tax.
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Here’s the problem for a team like the Wizards, and for top-heavy teams like Washington all across the league: It’s not going to get better. We saw spikes in the cap last summer, and we will see another for this summer. Next year, the projection is that the cap will level off to about $101 million again, with maybe a slight increase. The tax will be about the same, too.

The Wizards’ salaries, though, will not level off. Wall will get his extension, Beal’s contract will bump up by $1.6 million per year and Porter’s will include raises, too. They’ll keep getting a bigger chunk of a stabilized salary cap. Eventually, Washington will have its three mainstays at the top of the salary chain, a few of middle-range contracts below them and a lot of minimum-salary fodder after that.

That’s the future of the NBA. You can afford three guys, and you’ll probably have to overpay them. The rest of your roster? Try crossing your fingers, tossing coins in every fountain in town or perhaps dabbling in voodoo.

Watkins is a dynamic, field-stretching threat who can change games on one play … when he’s healthy, which has rarely been the case in three years. He played all 16 games in 2014 but was constantly limited by nagging injuries. Watkins played in just 13 and eight games the following two years, as complications from foot surgery kept popping up.

Watkins is a great player, but the Bills paid a steep price to get him, trading away their 2015 first-rounder to Cleveland to move up four spots. They would surely like to get more out of him.

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