Chris Archer ambushed Astros mascot Orbit with water balloons in the latest installment of their feud

It looks like peace talks between the Rays and Astros didn’t get anywhere this week, as the feud between Tampa Bay’s Chris Archer and Astros mascot Orbit went to the next level on Wednesday night.

In the latest installment of the ongoing back-and-forth between these two, Archer did a nice thing and presented Orbit with his diploma from the University of Raymond — where he learned everything he needed to know about being a mascot.

Lest you think that was truly a good-hearted gesture though, consider how the setup of a prank usually happens. A seemingly nice thing followed by the actual joke.
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So, that’s pretty gross and intensive and it’s understandable why someone wouldn’t be able to jump back into pitching right away after getting out of the hospital.

Karns had his surgery in mid-July and joined Kansas City back in the clubhouse on Friday after a few weeks of recuperating.

After all the serious hospitalization and pain he’s been through, Karns did get one awesome souvenir from the ordeal though: his own rib.
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Nathan Karns was back in the clubhouse. And yes, the surgeon gave him the partial rib that was removed. It wil be a necklace someday.

As far as body parts you get back after a surgery rankings go a rib has to be decently high up there. It’s just a bone so you don’t have to store it in a jar or a bag or anything, and once it’s cleaned up you could even display it around the house as a conversation starter.

Hopefully Karns will fully recover and be back on the mound better than ever post-surgery, but regardless it’s nice that he got a take home prize from the hospital that is one of a kind.

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