What’s the best sports game you’ve ever seen in person?

One of the best feelings when watching a game has to be just sharing that experience with other people. You can watch it with friends, family, or strangers at a bar. But when something special happens, you’re all part of it. And you can do this with just a TV.

Kids Derek Wolfe Jersey But some events are more unique just because you were at the arena or stadium. The game itself doesn’t have to be a championship game or anything. In fact, a random regular or preseason game that you remember vividly could be as important to you than any title. It’s all on how you experienced and remember it.

Olympic basketball doesn’t belong on this list — but this game does, because I witnessed something iconic, and a moment I will never, ever, ever forget. I saw Vince Carter Dunk of Death over Frederic Weis in person.
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All of those numbers and that positive quantitative assessment of Wiggins came in an environment where Wiggins was the clear No. 2 option and top wing player on a fairly bad team. That’s not what he’ll be for the Timberwolves going forward.

With the trade for Jimmy Butler, Wiggins is bumped to a No. 3 option who will have the ball in his hands much less. In addition, Jeff Teague has traditionally been more ball-dominant than Rubio, who he replaces. That could also affect Wiggins’ offensive touches.

On offense and defense the new roster should take some pressure off Wiggins. The lessened quantity of responsibility should improve the quality and hopefully making him more efficient. But given that Wiggins’ value to date has largely been wrapped up in the quantity of his production, this shift may complicate further judgment!

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