NCAA condemns flying of Confederate flags outside South Carolina tournament site

Prior to a slate of opening round games of the NCAA tournament in Greenville, S.C. on Sunday, groups of protestors and other citizens waved large Confederate flags around the city, on sidewalks, and from the top of a parking structure next to an arena hosting the games, multiple outlets have reported.

Though the flag in the truck on the parking structure raised alarm, other citizens of Greenville were also around the arena waving Confederate flags. Some rode pickup trucks toward the arena near the games and attached flags to the back of their trucks.

Maverick Morgan, who gave that quote earlier in the season, scored four points and had two rebounds and five turnovers in 27 minutes.

March 10-12: Michigan kept winning and won the Big Ten tournament.
UM’s quarterfinal game against Purdue was a thriller, with Michigan coming back in the last minute to force overtime against the Big Ten’s No. 1 seed.

Then Michigan won against Minnesota in the semifinals, and against Wisconsin in the championship game. The Wolverines won four games in four days, with three of their wins coming against teams that had a bye on the day the Wolverines played Illinois.

Michigan found out on that Sunday night, March 12, that it was a No. 7 seed in the Big Dance. The Wolverines were only a few days removed from being a bubble team.


Dallas Cowboys likely to face Jaguars in London next season

Authentic Kids K.J. Wright Jersey The Cowboys may be America’s Team but they could be taking a trip to London during the 2014 season. The Jacksonville Jaguars are already scheduled to play at Wimbley Stadium in 2014, and the Cowboys are the most likely opponent for them, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Seahawks improved to 6-1 on the season after beating the Arizona Cardinals, 34-22, on the road. They were favored by five points and had no problem covering. The Seahawks are 5-2 against the spread this season and could be getting Percy Harvin back. Harvin is returning to practice this week.

The Rams’ season could be heading down the tubes after losing Bradford. They were seven-point underdogs to the Carolina Panthers and couldn’t cover the spread, losing 30-15. St. Louis fell to 3-4 in the standings and is 2-5 against the spread. Kellen Clemens will be the new starting quarterback, and the Rams are expected to sign a veteran backup this week.

Limited Mens Tommy Wingels Jersey This race is anyone’s game, though the Pelicans don’t have a horse after sending their pick to the Kings in a trade package for DeMarcus Cousins.

Who has the tougher schedule? The Magic have seven games remaining against teams competing for playoff position. The Kings have nine such games, the 76ers have 10, and the Knicks have 12, though they knocked off a sixth-seeded Indiana team on Tuesday. New Orleans only has two games left against teams with a worse record.

What’s at stake? Nothing but higher odds at landing a draft pick. Philadelphia has the option to swap first-round picks with the Kings, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen. If luck falls New Orleans’ way, they can keep their pick if it lands in the top three. The more they lose, the better their long shot is.

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Bracketology 2017: This is where the last 4 teams in and 1st 4 teams out stand

With a quartet of teams on either side of the cut line and a few other lurkers in action on Friday, expect some bubble mayhem with just two days left before the bracket is revealed.

Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) and Strength of Schedule (SOS) information is courtesy and reflects only games against Division I opponents through Thursday, March 9.

Martha Burk, who unsuccessfully lobbied Augusta National to admit women in 2002, in July joined Dr. Jeffrey T. Sammons and other African American golfers in demanding relocation of the Women’s Open from the Trump course. In October, three U.S. senators entered the fray, writing to USGA executive director Mike Davis to request a change of venue for the tournament after a 2005 video, in which Trump boasted about groping women without their consent, came to light.

“The decision that the USGA makes is more consequential than simply the geographic location of a golf tournament,” senators Bob Casey (D-PA), Edward Markey (D-MA), and Dick Blumenthal (D-CT) wrote. “In declining future association with a brand that degrades women, the USGA and LPGA have an opportunity to make clear to the world, and most especially young Americans, that our nation will not tolerate nor do business with any company that condones or excuses action that constitutes sexual assault.”

It’s the Women’s Open venue, though, that has the USGA and LPGA taking heat for holding the competition on a course owned by a man who boasts about molesting women.

It’s likely too late to find another course and rearrange all the logistics involved with the Open, but initiatives to get the powers-that-be to do so have been ongoing since last year’s Women’s Open.1

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