Rick Hahn: Chris Sale’s past rifts with front office will play ‘zero’ role in trade considerations

As the White Sox gauge the trade market for Chris Sale, their decision to pursue a deal or stand pat will be rooted in baseball concerns rather than any lingering animosity from past confrontations with the team’s ace.

Sale’s ongoing differences with the Chicago front office came to the fore in July when he sliced up the team’s throwback uniforms rather than wear them in a game. He received a five-game suspension for insubordination and destroying team equipment.

But White Sox general A’Shawn Robinson Authentic Womens Jersey manager Rick Hahn told ESPN.com on Tuesday that past rifts will play no part in the team’s offseason deliberations.

“What am I supposed to say?” Young said, incredulously. “It’s not my fault?”

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After all, Young believed like an article of faith that a quarterback was only as great as his willingness to be weighed down. To account for the chaos of 21 bodies flying around on each play and unfailingly rise above, to be superhuman and immortal and, not for nothing, make it look easy. But Walsh was telling Young that he was wrong.

“There’s such a thing as being over-accountable,” Walsh Ameer Abdullah Authentic Womens Jersey said. It was conflicting and counterintuitive, but it made sense. Young needed to learn the hardest lesson for any good quarterback striving to be great: He needed to learn how to let go.

That’s what made his comments over the summer so interesting. Ryan — coming off the worst season of his career with the Atlanta Falcons — told my colleague David Fleming that his new “thing” was to “see spots” rather than “worry so much about where defenders should be or where they’re supposed to be or all those kinds of things.”

Nobody can imagine how risky, if not impossible, that task is to execute: to take all of the pressure of being a quarterback in the NFL, of replacing a future Hall of Famer, of trying to live up to the expectations of yourself and everyone else, to throw the ball to a guy you can’t see.