Raiders’ Derek Carr explains ‘eerie’ feeling when he broke his leg

Derek Carron Tuesday, speakingon 95.7 The Game, opened up about the broken leg injury that ended his 2016 season.

When the injury initially happened, Carr screamed, It’s broke, over and over. The quarterback was asked what it was like to know immediately what had happened.
It was a scary feeling, he said. I’ve rolled and torn ligaments in my ankle and things like that. To have something break. It was an eerie feeling.
Rob Gronkowski Jersey It felt like everything got silent. There’s always a buzz in a stadium and I couldn’t hear a thing. All I could focus on was, ‘this isn’t right.’ I knew it was broke how it was sitting.They didn’t need to come out and tell me. I heard it. I heard it go. It was an eerie, scary thing.
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Without Carr, the Raiders struggled against the Broncos in the regular-season finale. They now prepare to face the Texans with rookie Connor Cook at quarterback.

Carr says the playoff game will be great experience for Cook.

He slept through one of the most exciting playoff games of all time. Rodgers was awesome in his first playoff start with 423 yards and four TDs, but Warner just had to throw for 379 yards and five TDs. Romando woke up just in time for overtime, and I told him, ‘You missed like the best game ever.’ Then Dansby returned the fumble. I said, ‘I meant worst game ever.’

True story: This was the first playoff game I watched with my wife and both children, and my three-month-old daughter loved it so much that, after John Kuhn’s TD run in the fourth quarter, she puked all over the long-sleeve Packers shirt I wear for every playoff game. Like, all over it. It was terrible. Green Bay led 17-13 at the time, so the decision was easy.