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If you’ve been following Gronk’s career over the past couple years, then you know that he basically doesn’t wear a shirt during the offseason, so it only made sense thatGQ put him on the cover without a shirt. And just in case a shirtless Gronk isn’t enough, the magazine also put bikini-clad model Hailey Clauson on the cover.

Shirtless Rob Gronkowski lands on ‘GQ’ cover with bikini-clad model

This is the second time in three months that Clauson has graced a national magazine cover. The model was also on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, where she was only wearing half a bikini. She must’ve gotten her swimsuit half-off — OK, I’ll show myself out.

Gronk and Clauson did a photoshoot together for GQ and if you’re interested in seeing the two of them parade around in bathing suits, then definitely head over toGQ by clicking here.

DeAndre Hopkins was pretty much the only high-level offensive weapon the Houston Texans had last season. Hopkins finished the year with 111 catches for 1,521 yards and 11 touchdowns, outpacing the next closest player on the team by 64 catches, 863 yards, and seven touchdown grabs.

He was the intended receiver on as astonishing 192 passes — only Julio Jones (197) and Antonio Brown (192) were targeted more often. The next closest player on the team was Nate Washington with 94 targets. Again, the only two teams with a greater target differential between the No.1 and No. 2 pass-catchers were the Falcons (Jones and Devonta Freeman) and Steelers (Brown and Martavis Bryant).

Considering how unthreatening the other targets on the Texans were, it’s pretty incredible that Hopkins was still able to have such a dominant season. When everyone knows where the ball is going, it should be easier to stop it from happening. Of course, most teams couldn’t stop it anyway.

In 2016, there should at least be a little more fear instilled by players elsewhere on the field. The Texans signed running back Lamar Miller in free agency up upgrade the ground game, then spent early draft picks on wide receivers Will Fuller (Notre Dame) and Braxton Miller (Ohio State). Fuller is a speed demon that should help stretch the field vertically, while Miller is one of the most athletic and versatile players in the class.

Hopkins, for one, is happy the front office brought those guys to his team.

Black, 58, was of course the longtime manager of the Padres, and his name was recently floated by Bob Nightengale as a candidate in Atlanta. With San Diego, Black compiled a 649-713 record. Black was also a successful big-league starting pitcher for 15 years and later a pitching coach, and that’s bound to have appeal to the Braves, who have a lot of young pitching in the pipeline.

Pendleton, who won an MVP for the Braves as a player, has been a member of the Braves’ coaching staff for 15 years. From 2002-10, he served as hitting coach, and since then he’s been first base coach. Now 55, Pendleton has before been named as a candidate to manage Atlanta, and he provides a direct link to the Bobby Cox glory years. As well, Pendleton, as an African-American, would be a minority hire, which MLB has long encouraged.

Dave Martinez

The 51-year-old Martinez, Joe Maddon’s longtime bench coach in Tampa and now with the Cubs, remains a hot managerial candidate who’s been linked with any number of vacancies. Needless to say, with Maddon’s Cubs looking like a juggernaut this far in 2016, Martinez’s appeal is only growing. But would Martinez prefer to hold out for a team that’s more established on the success cycle than the Braves are right now? For what it’s worth, Martinez spent his final season as a player with the Braves in 2001.