Browns QB battle: Rising DeShone Kizer can, should pass ‘safer’ Cody Kessler

Limited Youth A. J. Cann Jersey Kizer is no stranger to the heat of a highly competitive preseason environment given his battles just to get on the field in South Bend. As the preseason pressure is dialed up, Kizer should respond well. Kelly not given him much of an endorsement likely also has accelerated Kizer’s dedication to pleasing Jackson.

The Browns won’t begin to get out of their rut by sticking with Kessler from the get-go. Throwing Kizer into the fire is developing into a much better plan.

He can and should be the man for Week 1 vs. Pittsburgh.

The idea that the NFL bubble might be bursting after all these years 鈥?or is at least leaking 鈥?has to scare everybody in the sport, but, obviously, would scare the owners the most. The big bubble is television, and no matter how many other revenue streams the league uncovers in the next few years, TV is still the big cash cow, which means ad money 鈥?which means no one can ignore or shrug off the recent negative signs.

C.J. Anderson Jersey If that’s really a problem, they’re not going to give an inch to the players. History says they’ll try to take more, in fact.

And the players really sound as if they’re in no mood to take a step back. As much as major segments of the public smirk at them about their envy of their NBA counterparts, the players really are wondering why their careers are so fragile, their health put at the most risk, and their sport the most lucrative by light-years 鈥?but their salaries, guarantees and freedom are dwarfed by those in any other sport.