Matt Ryan is only 31 years old. And there are many reasons why a team does or doesn’t win championships

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The NFL playoffs — and the race to Super Bowl LI — are in full swing, including this weekend’s divisional round games. Check out’s coverage of every postseason game.

You’re the presumptive NFL MVP and one of the most statistically proficient quarterbacks of this generation. But we don’t know yet if you’re a champion. Can you take a team to the Super Bowl championship? Will you elevate your legacy to the highest levels of history? Or will you go down as a great passer who fell short of transcendent?

I know. Matt Ryan is only 31 years old. And there are many reasons why a team does or doesn’t win championships. Quarterback play is the most important factor, but it’s not the only one. There may never be a better chance for Ryan and the Falcons to make a run, especially after dispatching the Seattle Seahawks in Saturday’s 36-20, divisional-round victory.

But the Steelers seem to understand what it takes to win in January. The defensive game plan was to limit Tyreek Hill (45 total yards), then apply enough pressure on Alex Smith that he couldn’t find tight end Travis Kelce (five catches, 77 yards).

“It was a big focus trying to prevent their playmakers from making plays and just keeping them contained,” said linebacker Bud Dupree, whose hit on Smith in the first half caused a Ryan Shazier interception.

This game was eerily similar to their Week 15 win in Cincinnati, with Boswell also connecting on six field goals.

And now it’s on to New England.

Game Kids David Savard Jersey “These are the two best teams in the AFC,” said Bell about the Steelers and Patriots for the AFC title. “It should be a showdown.”