he did not look like the dominant force Houston had come to know in the previous five seasons

¡°Jules has been incredible since he¡¯s really assumed that main spot on our team,¡± Brady said of the receiver’s performance in 2013. ¡°I¡¯ve always wanted him to succeed so badly, and he¡¯s put so much into it. He¡¯s come a long way. He¡¯s fought his way up.¡±

While injuries stunted some of Edelman’s early-career growth, that wasn¡¯t the only reason he was more of a role player, with his primary contributions coming on special teams.
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Jonathan Lucroy Limited Jersey ¡°We had a lot of good football players come here, and you¡¯re not just given something here overnight. You have to go out and earn it and put in your time,¡± he said. ¡°The team needed me at different positions, doing different things at the time, because we had the receiver position covered at the time. That¡¯s football. You have to put in your time and earn your stripes and be prepared for an opportunity when you get it.¡±

Edelman obviously was ready. The slow start to his career highlights how remarkable it is that he could potentially move up to No. 2 on a list of some very impressive receivers by Sunday night.

¡°Just to know that there¡¯s new levels to reach that I haven¡¯t even reached yet is exciting,¡± Watt said. ¡°It¡¯s not like I¡¯m just out here trying to come back and be a football player again. I¡¯m still trying to continue to capitalize on what I was before and be even better than I was before. So, it¡¯s always about being the best version of you that you can be and if I¡¯m not trying to be the best player ever then I¡¯m doing everyone a disservice. If I¡¯m not going out here and I¡¯m trying to be the best football player ever then it¡¯s a disservice to myself, my fans, my teammates.”

Though Watt played in the first three games of the season, he did not look like the dominant force Houston had come to know in the previous five seasons. And though Watt said he’s glad for the extended period of time to recover from his back injury, he is ready to be back on the field.