2018 NFL Draft: Is QB Josh Allen turning into a consensus No. 1 overall pick?

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. caught people off guard Thursday morning when he predicted the Browns will draft Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen No. 1 overall in his most recent mock draft, but what might surprise fans even more is an NFL executive is backing him up.

However, he played against a lower level of competition in Wyoming, had some problems staying healthy this past season. Allen recorded some glaring stats teams will have to come to peace with, most notably his 56 percent completion percentage.

Kiper completely dismissed the completion percentage on SportsCenter Thursday saying Allen had little talent around him and played in tough conditions as well. Kiper had plenty more to say about those calling the completion percentage into question.

You’ve got to look beyond the stats. Stats are for losers, in my opinion, Kiper said. You have to watch the tape, look at every throw. They’ll find that completion percentage was a little misleading.

Steratore, a 15-year officiating veteran who has worked 11 NFL playoff games, will be working his first Super Bowl, as will down judge Jerry Bergman, a veteran of 16 seasons.

Roy Ellison, a 15-season veteran, will be the umpire, while Byron Boston (23 seasons) is the line judge and Tom Hill (19 seasons) is the field judge. Side judge Scott Edwards has 19 years experience, and back judge Perry Paganelli is a veteran of 20 seasons.

As soon as we learned of the reports, we formally requested that the NFL thoroughly investigate the matter to conclusively determine whether the Rooney Rule was violated — and if it was violated, to impose an appropriate punishment, Fritz Pollard Alliance counsel Cyrus Mehri and N. Jeremi Duru said in a statement obtained by Wyche.patriots_113_f059ffba91275395-180x180