The ice is thawing between Von Miller and the Broncos

Perhaps there won’t be an agreement, since there was an extreme difference in the amount of guaranteed money Miller wants and what the Broncos are offering. The Eagles’ massive deal to defensive tackle Fletcher Cox couldn’t have helped negotiations. But it’s hard to believe Miller would really not sign the $14 million tag and sit out all season, and it’s weird the Broncos are low-balling the Super Bowl 50 MVP on guaranteed money. It’s also hard to believe there’s not a middle ground where Miller becomes insanely rich and the Broncos lock up their best player for the foreseeable future.

Philadelphia last hosted the NFL draft in 1961 at the Warwick Hotel, which still exists. Bonus trivia nugget: The first phase of the 1950 NFL draft happened at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia, a private social and athletic club that also remains standing. We suggest holding events that week at both locations for nostalgia’s sake.

If the draft is indeed coming back to Philly, Day 1 might be a bit boring for the locals. The Philadelphia Eagles currently do not own a first-round selection. Oops. Better hope Carson Wentz, who might not even play this coming season, is a beast.

Of course, that predicament likely was going to happen no matter which city landed the draft. Speculation had run rampant that the draft would be held elsewhere in 2017 and that the two favorites were Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Yes, the Los Angeles Rams also do not own a first; they, like the Eagles, traded theirs this year to land a quarterback.

The two sides hadn’t talked for a few weeks before last weekend, when Elway reportedly reached out to Miller. Friday’s meeting will be another step in the process. Nobody will be surprised if sometime before next Friday’s deadline, Miller is smiling alongside Elway after he agrees to a deal that’s about six years and $114.5 million (Yahoo’s Charles Robinson reported in early June that Miller agreed to those terms; the impasse is all about guaranteed money).

It looked bad in June, but communication lines are open again. The two sides need each other too much for next week’s deadline to pass without a deal being done.

First things first: Philadelphia gets a bit of a bad rap.

So if the reports are true that Philly will host the 2017 NFL draft, we should not assume that Myles Garrett or Leonard Fournette or Deshaun Watson automatically will have batteries chucked at their heads.

Donovan McNabb was not the preferred choice of Eagles fans, who booed him in New York during the 1999 NFL draft (Ezra O. Shaw /Allsport/Getty Images)
Pennsylvania Rep. Bob Brady told the Philadelphia Daily News that the city would host the draft. The city to this point has said not so fast, and the NFL isn’t confirming any deals. But Brady indicates that the mayor has pledged $5 million to host the three-day event, which has taken place in Chicago the past two years, in 2017.